When you’re hiring, look for people who have been managers of one.
What does that mean? A person who sets and achieves their own goals is a “manager of one.” They don’t need to be told a lot. They don’t need to be checked on every day. They set the tone, assign tasks, decide what needs to be done, etc., just like a manager would, but they do it proactively and independently.
These people don’t require oversight. They make their own decisions.

How can you recognize these types of people? Take a look at their past. Have they taken on jobs on their own before? Have they started their own project or business? Find someone with initiative and a spirit of entrepreneurship that is just starting to grow. And then care for it. You want someone who can build something from scratch and see it through. When you find these people, you free up the rest of your team to work more and manage less.